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Spiritual DNA

What’s your spiritual DNA?  I love using this question for a series on discipleship.  This would be one of my very early questions.  The reason being so that the person whom your asking this question would be thinking about their personal spiritual Journey, not just in stages or a progression but a series of markers that permanently shape their future mindset, actions and decisions.   I think too many times we see a journey just as one adventure over another.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but some places in our Journey just leaves a deeper Impact on us than others.

Yesterday, I’ve talked about Jacob and his spiritual history.  Today I want to talk about what makes up our history?  What defines who we are, and who we’ll become? That is the question of Spiritual DNA.

Our DNA in real life determines the characteristic that put meaning to who we are.  Stuff like what color our hairs going to be, what color skin we’ll have, what type of body type we’ll have  and even what disease we will pass us along to our family..etc. If you really think about it, knowing our DNA in life is really important in shaping who we are today.  Just like our real lives are determined so much by our distinct DNA, I believe our spiritual lives are just as equally determined by our spiritual DNA.

So what do I mean by Spiritual DNA?  Does that mean if we have a relative who was a pastor or missionary, that we’ll be more inclined to be a better Christian?  Or does it mean that if we have generational sin,  that sin will tickle down and affect our generations to come?   To say it succinctly, I would define Spiritual DNA as series of collective and repeating experiences that forms our viewpoint, attitudes or our behaviors about God.

Basically, spiritual DNA asks the question, what “things” have shaped our understanding of God?  I won’t get into so much about what “things” they are, but would want you to think about your own personal journey and reflect back on the things that has shaped their life.   Some questions you may want to ask are:

-what events had major significance in your life?
-who were some very influential people in your life?
-what truths have set you free?
-what was the best season of your life?  What was the most difficult?
-what bible verses are your life verses?
-what worship songs become your anthems?

These are some things to worth considering, meditating, and reflection upon.

Since I love talking not just about theories, but also about being pragmatic about our Spiritual life, the question I leave with you is when was the last time you share a bit about how your defining strands came to be?