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How important is Spiritual History?

For so long I thought that as long as I read the Bible, pray, have fellowship with friends and go to church that I was okay.  I also thought that because I understood how to do quiet time, bible reading and bible study that i was in the upper echelon of Evangelical Christians.  Then, just as I thought “I made it” as a great man of God, I realize I was so mistaken.  All these I’ve mentioned have to do with “things” do you in the faith.  They are not about who we are – we are people.  In fact, someone once said that we are spiritual beings trapped inside a physical body sojourning on this earth.  I love that imagery.

But more important that doing things for God, I realize that having personal, experiential and memorable experiences are just as important as doing all the church things.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love reading the word, praying, doing QT, fellowshipping, going to church or doing things in church, but more importantly, I realized that having a personal relationship with Him is the first and most important thing.

Secondly, after having that relationship with Him, I realize how crucial it is to develop moments with our Father where we share a moment together.  I’m not saying something it has to be something so life changing that it completely sweeps you off your feet – though I hope and pray you have those moments.  But rather, moments when you go through great, growing, tough, challenging or questioning time with Him.  All those moments build not only character, but our personal history with God.  And if we don’t have personal history with God, how do we expect to walk on this earth without letting the world trample on us?   Let’s look at David as one example.

David was the youngest of 7, and yet, he killed a massive giant in Goliath because of his prior experiences with God.  When someone read those passages in scripture they’ll said, “it was because God was with him” or because “God anointed him to be king; therefore he had the power to do that”, but remember, just because your anointed King, doesn’t give you instant power – just look at Saul.  Nonetheless, the bible gives us a clue as to how David was able to accomplish this feat.  It was because he killed Lions and Bears when he was tending the sheep; therefore he had ample training in learning to ward off or kill animals who endangered the flock.  I would argue that it was tens if not, hundreds or thousands of moments when he killed all sorts of animals big and small (cubs, wolves, lions, tigers, bears or any other animals) that he found victory in small moments that led him to be confident of his ability to stand up to Goliath.  And, because of his history with God, it allowed him to always be rooted in God and become someone who God said is “a man after my own heart.”  How important is spiritual history?  I would say it’s as important as how much we want to make an impact for the Lord – a whole lot!