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Paradigm Shift

We all know the story about the Prodigal Son.  For those who don’t, let me summarize it for you.  It is a story about a wealthy family who had two sons, the oldest who wanted to explore life and the youngest who wanted to stay home.   The story goes something like this.

The oldest was bored with living the “rich” live and wanted more excitement and adventure.  To obtaining this, he asks his father for his portion of the inheritance so he could “explore” life.  He then takes his portion of his inheritance and “explores” and enjoys life so much that he is left dirt poor.   One day, eating what is left for pigs to eat, he realizes he should go back and live with his father, who had more than enough money that their slaves eat better than the pigs.  Upon realizing this, he goes back home, in shame and embarrassment back to his father’s house.  When his father sees that he has returned home, he runs over to him and places his robe on him, gives him his ring and rejoices that he has come back home.  All my life I realized that the story of the Prodigal Son was a story about redemption and a story about going after the “one lost sheep”, but the older I remain a Christian, I realize our reaction doesn’t resemble the oldest son, but more so the youngest, who says to his father, “what about me?”.   No longer is the story about returning to the father, but how come I have not receive that blessing when someone else has gotten it.  That change of perspective we go through is what people call a “Paradigm Shift”.

A Paradigm is a set or system of beliefs that you makes us live our lives the way we believe is correct.   Sometime we get stuck in it.  Actually, if we are honest, most of us is stuck in different unhealthy paradigms about our viewpoints on God, relationship with friends or family, self-image, etc…. Regardless, as a Christian I believe our job isn’t to sulk in this understanding but to move from an unhealthy paradigm to one that is healthy and God-Centered.   What paradigms do you need shifting?

How open to the Spirit are you?

Look at this to see where you fall in the Openness to the Spirit meter?


Cessationists   Open But Cautious   Third Wave  Charismatic  Pentecostal

I’ll go into another time describing the differences of each another time but know that there is a diverse understanding of the Openness to the Spirit that everyone has to comes to terms with.   Where do you stand?